Augustin Rebetez

series Gueules de Bois (hangover)

I’m very proud to feature the work of AUGUSTIN REBETEZ not only because he comes from the same Kanton as me (Jura) but also because he is just talented!

In the Swiss Jura, the drinking sprees are part of the regional identity. Photographied in the same way as a documentary but treated like a fiction, the series Gueules de Bois (hangover) is about a festive youth that hardly fights againts the sleep with a feeling of a soft revolt. The photographer juxtaposes photographic performances and sculptures: the body and the objects seem to express themselves in a deaf violence.

AUGUSTIN REBETEZ was born in Delémont (Switzerland). He studied at the Vevey’s Ecole supérieure d’art appliqués in the photography section.

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