A nice idea every day. Blue Roses

Blue Roses . “doubtful comforts. director: a nice idea every day (VIVIEN WEYRAUCH & FABIAN RÖTTGER). dop: JULIA FRANKEN. producer: LENNART SELLE

A NICE IDEA EVERY DAY is VIVIEN WEYRAUCH and FABIAN RÖTTGER . They studied cinematography but pretty soon they became more interested in directing their own work.

They like pop-music and films and that’s why they direct music videos.

The music video Doubtful Comforts by Blue Roses (or LAURA GROVES Groves, a British multi-instrumentalist) uses the 3D camera shift technique for a surprising and awesome result.

A NICE IDEA EVERY DAY is based in Berlin, Germany.

found via http://www.itsnicethat.com/

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