Ryan Spring Dooley. Home I

Home by RYAN SPRING DOOLEY is the first part of a series of animated films dealing with the concept of home in all its sauces; immigration, speculation, procreation, sensation, vacation, hot car deals, you name it!

RYAN SPRING DOOLEY is an American artist who spends many years travelling in Europe, stopping for long periods in Paris, Madrid, and Lisbon. In France the first dialouges with the streets are born, in Paris he develops a series of interventions using recycled cloth and paper that could now be termed ‘street art.’ On his return to the United States he is pushed ever more towards this type of intervention working with graffiti writers and participating in numerous events.

In the year 2000, he decides to establish himself in Italy, living between the countryside Pavese and Milan. His approach to wall painting is related highly to traditional painting, but bleeds into every youthfull experience of ‘total art’ and vagabond exploring, brushes, cans, sculpture, paste ups, draw and express, anything you have in hand, head or backpack. These years of research are fermented with the participation in numerous jams, shows and commissions in different countries, cultures and contexts, perfect oppurtunities to confront ones ‘total art’ with the total.

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  1. C'est hyper beau, j'adore. Merci! Sais-tu de qui est la musique?

  2. je trouve ça très touchant aussi…pour la musique, c'est: Joya Landis – when the lights are low!

    Merci pour ton comment:-)

    kiss kiss kiss

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