Pringle of Scotland & Ryan McGinley


For luxury knitwear brand PRINGLE OF SCOTLAND (Under the creative direction of CLARE WAIGHT KELLER), creating a Spring & Summer 2010 campaingn mean: seizing the opportunity to take the fashion short film format to a whole new level.

The film feature TILDA SWINTON and is directed by excellent photographer RYAN MCGINLEY. The film was shot in the beautiful Scottish Highlands 10 minutes from SWINTON’s home and in one day (16 hours but still one day). This collaboration is the first in a series of creative projects planned for the brand with the aim of promoting Scotland’s renewed cultural surge

TILDA SWINTON is PRINGLE’s current muse and perhaps for the first time in a clothing house’s history, a single model is the muse, and star of the ad campaign for both the men’s and the women’s lines!

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