Natacha Lesueur. Aspic

all: Aspics series. 80 x 80cm. 1998

French photographer NATACHA LESUEUR‘s work displays a subtle mix between inappropriate and familiar, known and unknown, repulsion and fascination. She likes to alienate various foods from their original purpose and to use as body decorations: slices of smoked ham are turned into a flower, which is worn in the hair, sausages are woven into a hairbraid, head coverings are made out of vegetable aspic. A reference to the contemporary “body modification” trend, only that foods are used instead of ink and metal for tattoos and piercings.

She looks to food as a source of inspiration for her work, using it as a medium much like oils or pastel. Food is an integral part of man thanks to its perishable, vegetable nature, as shown in the photographs from her Aspics series (heads series seen from behind and all whole covered with aspics).

Her large format photographs treat also the omnipresent French worlds of fashion and haute cuisine with irony!

Bon appétit!

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