Luke Snellin. Mixtape


23 year old LUKE SNELLIN is an up and coming writer and director and Mixtape, his second short film, won Grand Prize in the Virgin Media Shorts Competition 2009 (and has been recently BAFTA nominated) which was created specifically for this competition.

Mixtage is basically a kind of melting pot of all my influences both musically and as a director. the idea came from all these little tapes I made for family and friends when I was young. I’d record a Tony Blackburn style intro on the tape so it was personalised and I made sure all the music would have a message so that when they played it, it would mean something to them“.

A talent to watch!

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  1. Hi,

    nice video!
    I just wanted to ask if you know that the German Online Magazine "Artschoolvets" copied your blog post 1-to-1 and translated it into German.
    We have a big discussion with them because they often steal content of other blogs and copy the texts without telling them and not even publish the sources. They also added your blog as source after we asked where they got it from. And they told us that you know about it that they copied your text.
    I just wanna make sure you are aware of it and I hope you tell me if its true.

    Best wishes from Hamburg, Markus

    By the way, very cool blog and I subscribed to the feed.

  2. By the way, that is your blog post translated into German:

  3. Hi Roitsch,

    Thank you for the info…I know it's a big problem at this time! But I used to think: they can steal but sooner or later, they will be the losers!

    kiss kiss kiss