Buck. Grow Underground

BUCK. Grow Underground

BUCK is an visual agency which uses animation, visual effects and live action to collaborate with clients, from concept to delivery.

And this time, they directed four original hand-crafted short films for Sundance Film Festival*: “Sundance came to us to direct four short films to play in front of the festival’s discerning audiences at each event screening. This year’s campaign extols a message of “Renewed Rebellion” and “Sundance Reminded,” urging festival-goers to look forward by looking back at the festival’s iconoclastic, anti-establishment origins. In keeping with the theme, we broke out the scissors and glue (and laser cutters and optical fibers) to create a series of original hand-crafted animations”.

On http://buck.tv/, you can watch the four short films!

*Sundance Film Festival from January 21, 2010 until 31 January, 2010

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