Alex Prager

Ellen (from series Polyester). 2007

Desiree (from series Big Valley ). 2008

Emily (from series Polyester). 2007

Susie and friends (from series Big Valley). 2008

Wendy (from series Week-End). 2009

Helen (from series Big Valley). 2008

Four reasons to love the work of Los Angeles based ALEX PRAGER:

  1. In keeping with her independent spirit, she eschewed art school and began taking photographs on her own, teaching herself equipment and lighting through trial and error.
  2. Her photography sends you in a backward time capsule of retro imagery, perfectly executed through context and styling.
  3. She has released two books in the last few years, one in 2007 titled, “Polyester”and another in 2005 titled “The Book of Disquiet, The Seven Deadly Sins”, in which she and MERCEDES HELNWEIN illustrate the concept by the juxtaposition of comedy and tragedy.
  4. Her latest exhibition “Week-end” ,at New York’s Yancey Richardson Gallery, will showcase some of the artist’s most cinematically inspired work to date (until February 20, 2010)

3 commentaires pour “Alex Prager”

  1. I admire the picture she makes in her work of photography. They are simply amazing and fashionable.

  2. right Lea! I really like her highly saturated, staged portraits riddled with fantastically retro styling.

    Thanks Lea for your comment ;-)

    stay tuned

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