Holy Fuck. Royal Gregory

HOLY FUCK- Royal Gregory

Created by MIRRORSHADE, the video for the track Royal Gregory by HOLY FUCK is like a super-retro intergalactic boxing video game.

The idea was born almost immediately when we sat down with a track. We were really into the simple visual idea of retro tournament game graphics. Good vs Bad. We wanted the narrative to be very straightforward so that we could make the visuals abstract. “I personally love full-on, normal; text-decoration: none colours in my work so we decided to do something almost painfully intense to watch with our crazy palette of colours. We then started to think about the animation style. We loved to do something ‘digitally well crafted’ but maintain the simplicity and roughness in treatment. Therefore the movements of the characters, their facial expressions, lighting and camerawork also had to be toned down and minimal.

We spent a week storyboarding each scene, and moved on to design all the characters and environment. It was a long and painstaking process but we loved every minute of it. It took 4-5 weeks to animate the whole video

And it’s so good that I can’t resist to publish the winter demo reel from MIRRORSHADE (below)

showreel 09

Have fun!

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  1. hey just a heads up:

    band name is holy fuck
    song title is royal gregory

  2. oups…thank you for your comment! I changed the infos ;-) sorry!

    kiss kiss kiss