Death watch by Monocle

Correspondent: Saul Taylor. Producer: Gillian Dobias. Cameraman: Marco de Roos. Editor: Aleksander Solum. © courtesy of monocle

Today I found a very interesting video made by MONOCLE based on a collaboration between Dutch design academy Eindhoven and funeral insurer Dela which is titled Remember Me. The idea was for the students to create new ways of dealing with death and how we cope.

Many of the ideas are very elegant and beautifully done.

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  1. I am totally addicted to your blog. It is exactly what I want to see every day! Art like life, curiosity, simple thing with a single look. Well in english it's difficult, but go on!

  2. Very nice … and thank you to forgive any mistakes in my English ;-)

  3. Oh no! I was telling that it was difficult for me to explain in english how happy I was to read you, not complaining about your english of course, mine's not better :-)

  4. ;-)…your english is perfect!