Caroline Palla

Going Inside 07. Langstrasse, Zurich. January 2008

Going Inside 03. Leonardstrasse, Zurich. January 2008

Going Inside 06. Röschibachstrasse, Zurich. February 2008

Going Inside 04. Giesshübelstrasse, Zurich. January 2008

Going Inside 09. Obere Wiltisgasse, Küsnacht. March 2008

Ok, I admit: when I’m at your home, I always look inside your medicine chests and this is probably why I love the project of CAROLINE PALLA, Going Inside. The idea consists of 50 photographs showcasing the innards of people’s medicine chests. They were taken with a vintage medium format camera, Pentax 6×7.

CAROLINE PALLA is a designer (specialization in design and art theory) from the University of Applied Sciences in Zurich. With her project, she wanted to bring that common thing, the medecine chest and all its typically private and banal contents, to the forefront of the collective eye and expose it very publicly and openly for the greater cultural community to see and experience.

Going Inside was heavily inspired by ZOE LEONARD’s work Analogue (1998-2007)

+ For more swiss medecine chest, it’s here! Enjoy

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