Emilie Voirin

Made of China is a collection of chairs for KKAARRLLS. 2008. Four reproductions of famous furniture classics using rattan. In collaborationwith FEI LIANG and JÉROME NELET.

Jewellery for Earplugs. Earplugs hang on silver jewels. Exhibited to VIA Paris and Talents Eindhoven

Radio Blow. Blow in the hole of the radio to turn it on/off. Exhibited to VIA Paris (WFW FAVORITE!)

EMILIE VOIRIN is a cool girl who made cool projects! In 2008, she graduated from the Ecole National Supérieur des Art Décoratifs in Paris, in 2009 she spend some times at the Tom Dixon Studio in London, and she currently establishing a private nomadic studio.

I suggest you one thing: VISIT HER WEBSITE!

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