wfw weekend #210


a glimpse into the exhibition Smoothie Conference
with A Dreamer Is A Dream Too (2014) by KATHARINA FENGLER (front work) and Little Devil (2014) by EDO ROSENBLITH
seen at Jenifer Nails, Frankfurt
on Saturday, May 30, 2015
image courtesy the artists and Jenifer Nails, Frankfurt

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wfw weekend #209


a detail from the installation Accademia dei Secreti (2015) by THOMAS FEUERSTEIN
seen at Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt
on Saturday, May 30, 2015
image © wfw

a view of the whole installation is available via the wfw instagram


wfw sound #1. Oliver Clément

Today I’m very happy to introduce you to a new category on the blog called wfw sound: it simply consists of a series of playlists chosen by people with – according to me – strong music taste. For this first compilation, I asked French photographer OLIVER CLÉMENT whose work has been previously featured on wfw to share his musical world.

I hope that you like it!


Please note also that the series Permanent Present by OLIVER CLÉMENT is currently part of the group exhibition desolation & devotion that is on view at the St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity in Valletta, Malta till May 31, 2015, more infos here.

Domenico de Chirico pick #17

all images courtesy of the artist and Open Forum, Berlin

Flying Dinner, a solo exhibition by MELIKE KARA
on view at Open Forum in Berlin
until August 1, 2015

chosen by curator and editor DOMENICO DE CHIRICO

one pic wednesday. David Hanes


image courtesy of the artist and Art F City

I’m obviously a bit late in the game concerning Frieze that took place earlier this month in New York, but even so I think this online project by Berlin-based artist DAVID HANES is worth sharing. Commissioned by the website Art F City during this year’s edition, HANES ‘remixed 47 out of 500+ images that Art F City staff members’ took at the art fair.

Following the same techniques used for his ongoing series Aware (previously featured on wfw) that he started in 2011, DAVID HANES transformed the source material – the somewhat boring and unattractive fair documentation – into a specific artistic practice, couched in the rhetoric of digital manipulation. Using the image as a sort of soft material, HANES rendered the digital files tactile while swiping the content. Eventually, it becomes impossible to recognize the artworks presented in the booths, leaving the pictures as sole option to exude a tension between abstraction and representation.

Make sure to view more images from this project via, HANES website or via Birch Contemporary, Toronto.

Katharina Fengler. Superfood


Goblin, 2015


Green Fiend, 2015


Superfood, exhibition view at Acappella, Napoli


Green Goddess, 2015


Superfood, exhibition view at Acappella, Napoli


Superfood, exhibition view at Acappella, Napoli


Superfood, exhibition view at Acappella, Napoli


Endless Summer, 2015


Hulk, 2015

all images: courtesy of the artist and Acappella, Napoli

Eat Your Greens! could have been the title of KATHARINA FENGLER‘s latest exhibition at Acappella in Napoli. Rather, she has chosen SUPERFOOD, a term used in food industry and marketing in order to promote specifically supposed healthy products and which is highly exploited thanks to the health craze that is going around right now.

According to the press release, the exhibition SUPERFOOD ‘imbibes the juice of marketing and claims to be nothing but healthy’. The paintings in the show embrace bright grassy greens that have been airbrushed on Tyvek – a material used for packaging and for transporting both, food and art – in attempt to ‘leave you feeling calm, refreshed and compassionate’.

Even if this work focuses on latent ideologies and the emotional fallout within commercial consumption itself, the question of the body seems to be central to these artworks.

SUPERFOOD is on view at Acappella in Napoli until July 1, 2015.


one pic monday. Mikkel Carl


used moving blanket (Overgaden, Copenhagen), stretcher bars, 150×175 cm

used moving blanket (CO2, Torino), stretcher bars, 100×125 cm

used moving blanket (Toves, Copenhagen), stretcher bars, 160×155 cm

The three pieces above are part of the ongoing series entitled Impression (2012-2015) by Danish artist MIKKEL CARL which are currently presented in his first institutional solo exhibition at the Kunsthal Nord in Aalborg (Danemark). The series consists of ‘blanket pieces’ coming from galleries, art venues and institutions that CARL has had to work with. Each blankets are stretched on to frames, the dimension of each ‘canvas’ corresponds to the size of the blanket minus 10cm of either side.

The artist’s seemingly minimal and spatial interventions show an intense interest in the emotional potential for objects to transmit meaning: the fabric not only refers to art history but also creates a dialogue between the art spaces that bind them together and one cannot help but imagine the art objects the blankets used to protect, hence the title.

We Are All Workers is on view at Kunsthal Nord, Aalborg until June 21, 2015

wfw weekend #208


a glimpse into the installation Aushub aus Basel (2015) by LARA ALMARCEGUI
seen at Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz/Basel
on Friday, May 22, 2015
image © wfw

this exhibition runs through July 12, 2015. Please note also that an artist talk with LARA ALMARCEGUI will take place during artbasel on Thursday, June 18, 2015 at the Kunsthaus Baselland, more infos here

wfw weekend #207


a piece from the solo exhibition* of SANDRINE PELLETIER
seen at Museum of Fine Arts, Le Locle
on Thursday, May 21 2015
image © wfw

*Only the ocean is pacific is on view till May 31, 2015

one pic friday. Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen


Sterile, 2014
goldfish, dimensions variable

image courtesy the artists

Sterile (2014) is an installation by REVITAL COHEN and TUUR VAN BALEN which revolves around albino goldfish specifically designed to be born without reproductive organs. For this project 45 goldfishes were created by Professor YAMAHA ETSURO in his laboratory in Hokkaido, Japan. Even if it sounds totally abnormal, work with such modified fish is for the scientist, simply part of the daily research routine. Parallel to the fishes, the artists present a machine – put in stand-by mode –capable of extracting sperm and eggs to reproduce sterile fish infinitively.

As with much of REVITAL COHEN and TUUR VAN BALEN‘s works, Sterile (2014) ‘translates our times of automated and standardized production technologies, into a provocative installation that involves scientists in the development of the work in order to push the boundaries of material and process.


Sterile (2014) is part of the exhibition Beastly that will open at Fotomuseum Winterthur on Friday, May 29, 2015.

Marguerite Humeau


French artist MARGUERITE HUMEAU talked with ALISON HUGILL for BerlinArtLink earlier this month and gave a few keys concerning her work and especially her solo exhibition entitled Echoes presented at Duve that wfw visited during Berlin Gallery Weekend. Make sure to read the entire interview here and/or to watch more views of the exhibition here.

Echoes by MARGUERITE HUMEAU is on view at Duve in Berlin until June 6, 2015

Rosa Rendl. What You Desire












all images from the exhibition What You Desire, ROSA RENDL
at 21er RAUM, 21er HAUS, Vienna, 2015

images courtesy of the artist and 21er RAUM, 21er HAUS, Vienna

The 21er RAUM, 21er HAUS in Vienna is currently presenting a solo exhibition of Austrian artist ROSA RENDL entitled What You Desire. The show consists of ten large-scale photographs taken with her smartphone. According to the press release, RENDL‘s images are ‘staged photographs that imitate, or rather emulate, the pictorial language of social networks’.

Although the pictures convey feelings of closeness, intimacy and vulnerability, the exhibition is less a matter of expressing oneself than consuming a raft of entertainment that posits the viewer/ the user of social networks/ you and me / the artist, as a certain type of consumer: you don’t express who you are, but communicate a self according to the standards of social media in order to – unconsciously or not – generate an audience.

What You Desire by ROSA RENDL not only questions the representation amid a media-saturated society but also the traps involved in inquiring into identity and its constructions.

What You Desire is on view at 21er RAUM, 21er HAUS, Vienna until June 7, 2015.


one pic tuesday. Allison Katz


Intimacy, 2015
hubcap, glazed ceramic, 45 cm diameter
image courtesy of the artist and Bodega, New York

Intimacy (2015) is a piece by ALLISON KATZ which consists of a wheel cover inhabited by a strange ceramic figure exuding a profound idea of secrets, hiding and transformation.

Intimacy (2015) is part of a group show entitled Kleenex Rose along with the work of LUIS MIGUEL BENDAÑA, CAMILLE BLATRIX & MATT PAWESKI, LIZ CRAFT, ORION MARTIN, AUTUMN RAMSEY, EM ROONE.

The sunlight has ripened further, the peddlers are farther away, the warm produce is more acrid, in the markets of the world, along inexpressibly perfumed boulevards, on shores of seas, at the foot of volcanoes. I rejoice as one rejoices sowing seed with a fervor that mixes irreconcilable substances, magmas without amalgam, when life is April’s lemon and rose.*

Kleenex Rose is on view at Bodega, New York until June 14, 2015. Make sure to view more views of this exhibition via

*press release

Domenico de Chirico pick #16

all images courtesy of the artist and Francesca Minini, Milano

Buongiorno Signor Courbet, a solo exhibition by SIMON DYBBROE MØLLER
on view at Francesca Minini in Milano
until July 31, 2015

chosen by curator and editor DOMENICO DE CHIRICO

wfw weekend #206


detail from the installation Pave Me A River* by DANIEL PETERSON
seen at Taylor Macklin, Zürich
on Friday, May 15, 2015
image © wfw

*on view until June 7, 2015