David Hanes. wfw aware moment #19


Aware: after the exhibition Frankfurt Freakout by KASPAR MÜLLER
presented at Museum Bellpark, Kriens
shot on Thursday, December 10, 2015
altered on December 19, 2015 by DAVID HANES*
image courtesy of the artist and we find wildness

*DAVID HANES lives and works in Berlin. He is represented by Birch Contemporary, Toronto.

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wfw weekend #267


from SOPHIE JUNG‘s performance
seen at Hallenbad Rialto, Basel
on Sunday, December 20, 2015
image © we find wildness

a few more glimpses of this performance are on view via the wfw instagram

wfw weekend #266


detail from (cor)rect(al)ly eva(l/c)uated (2015), CEEL MOGAMI DE HASS
seen at Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva
on Friday, December 18, 2015
image © we find wildness

one pic thursday. Zuzanna Czebatul


Tristan, Kewin, Joss, 2015
150 x 140 x 135 cm / 60 x 55 x 53 inches
polyester, expanding foam, metal

image courtesy of the artist and Galerie Jeanroch Dard, Brussels

Tristan, Kewin, Joss (2015) is a piece by ZUZANNA CZEBATUL in the group exhibition called A Perfect Lie, now filling the space of the Belgian gallery Jeanroch Dard.

CZEBATUL‘s floor work consists of three common sweatpants of different colors which seem to have been frozen in action. In Tristan, Kewin, Joss (2015) the mannequins are truncated, interrupted, and broken down into a collective unity, composed of hollow bodies, lifeless like a scarecrow.

Impressive in its emphatic physical presence and precision, Tristan, Kewin, Joss (2015) carries symbolic overtones that are at once sombre and euphoric: the work here seems to embody what happens to the artistic creation under the influence of the art market’s oligarchs: a mercantile, speculative and spectacular, as well as exploited product.

A Perfect Lie curated by DOMENICO DE CHIRICO and with MIKAEL BRKIC, ZUZANNA CZEBATUL, LOUISA GAGLIARDI, ALEX ITO, TOBIAS KASPAR, LINDSAY LAWSON AND ISAAC LYTHGOE is on show at Galerie Jeanroch Dard Brussels until January 23, 2016.



Bertrand Dezoteux

10min 30s / 2015
produced by Le Confort Moderne

11min / 2015
produced by Capricci Films
Music : “Tahiti Summernights” by BURT BLANCA

14 min/2008
produced by Le Fresnoy, studio national des arts contemporains

The three videos presented above are excerpts from animated films by French artist BERTRAND DEZOTEUX. His work explores different kind of narrative structures thanks to the use of digital technology such as simula­tion modelling and game design. What results are synthetic universes where changes of scale, mechanical behaviors and spatial ruptures ceaselessly combine and disassemble.

Eventually his work seems to revolve around displacement between sound and image, movement and frame, present and future among others. These slipstreams of fragments that play with and against each other disrupts the cohesive narrative of traditional cinema.

BERTRAND DEZOTEUX‘s work is part of the group exhibition The Averty Show currently presented at the Confort Moderne, Poitiers (France) until December 20, 2015. Additionally I really recommend to watch a conference he did in 2012 where he explained a few projects here (please note that the conference is only available in french).


Domenico de Chirico pick #49

all images courtesy the artist and David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles

Starfuker, a solo exhibition by AARON CURRY
presented at David Kordansky Gallery in Los Angeles
on view until January 16, 2016

chosen by curator and editor DOMENICO DE CHIRICO

wfw weekend #265


installation view Frankfurt Freakout, KASPAR MÜLLER
seen at Museum Bellpark, Kriens
on Thursday, December 10, 2015
image © we find wildness

wfw weekend #264

LATE BUSHLiquid Assets
directed by ALINE BOUVY (co-directed by PIERRE DOZIN)
liked on December 11, 2015

David Hanes. wfw aware moment #18


Aware: after LOTTE MERET EFFINGER‘ Supernature (2014)
presented at Kunsthalle Basel
shot on Tuesday, December 1, 2015
altered on December 6, 2015 by DAVID HANES*
image courtesy of the artist and we find wildness

*DAVID HANES lives and works in Berlin. He is represented by Birch Contemporary, Toronto.

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one message interview #11. Melanie Bühler


MELANIE BÜHLER is the founder and curator of Lunch Bytes, a series of events and discussions that took place in several cities in Europe and in the United States from 2011 to 2015.

As a culmination to the program, a book entitled No Internet No Art that has been conceived as an anthology of Lunch Bytes, has been released this summer. The whole project including the website and the publication, aims to examine the effects of digital technologies in the field of art, media, philosophy, curatorial practices, and design among others.

Earlier this year, MELANIE BÜHLER started a long-term project called Inflected Objects which consists of a series of exhibitions, texts and commissions.



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actual_size #2. Anne Imhof


For Ever Rage, 2015
installation view at Hamburger Bahnhof Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin

For Ever Rage (2015) is a new work by ANNE IMHOF which combines two previous performances from the German artist entitled Deal (2015) and Rage (2014). These pieces – including the new one currently on show at the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum für Gegenwart in Berlin – are all projects made of several parts such as an exhibition, a performance and its documentation. These various elements and timings are equally important for IMHOF and eventually contribute to generate an organic representation.

The upcoming dates to see For Every Rage occur on January 16 and January 17 2016 at the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum für Gegenwart in Berlin on the occasion of Preis der Nationalgalerie 2015.

Please note also that ANNE IMHOF will present her work in a solo exhibition at the Kunsthalle Basel in June 2016.

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one pic tuesday. Klara Lidén


Untitled, 2015 (asphalt)
installation view at Wiels, Brussels

image courtesy Wiels, Brussels

The installation view presented above is a glimpse into the solo exhibition of KLARA LIDÉN that is currently on view at Wiels in Brussels.

This new work – which seems to be not yet titled – consists of a series of asphalt pieces that the artist piled up like stacks of stones recalling those made by ‘people to mark a footpath or a sacred site’. Nevertheless this apparent natural harmony is quickly balanced by the strong, heavy, dark and smell qualities of the tarmac that the artist salvaged from a recycling plant. If the viewer is at first seduced by the esthetics, he/she only later becomes aware of the gesture which generated the work; an act of vandalism or at least a moment of violence.

KLARA LIDÉN’s sculptural viewpoint thanks to her use of ‘recuperated materials’, carries within the notion of the inexorable march of time, of transformation and degradation. This piece, as much as her previous works, is all about the experimentation devoid of concessions or illusions. Eventually the whole exhibition in the Belgian institution which features mostly past works, seems to be on the verge of the ruins, vestiges of a past and unique memories of vanished lives.

Battement Battu by KLARA LIDÉN is on view at Wiels, Brussels until January 10, 2016.


wfw sound #5. Ginger Boss

Absolut Noise is the December’s sound proposition specially composed by GINGER BOSS for we find wildness. Absolut Noise is a journey of nineteen minutes into a rather bleak, post-apocalyptic soundscape in which electronic, futuristic, exotic but also familiar textures are combined.

GINGER BOSS is living and working between Zürich and Berlin, where she is actively involved in the electronic music scene. Make sure to follow her via soundcloud or instagram

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Domenico de Chirico pick #48

all images Courtesy of Vilma Gold

a solo exhibition by GILI TAL
presented at Vilma Gold in London
on view until December 19, 2015

chosen by curator and editor DOMENICO DE CHIRICO

wfw weekend #263


Seastead Figure (Exiled Polypooler) (2015), ELLA PLEVIN and DANIEL KELLER
part of the group exhibition Natural Instincts
seen at Espace Arlaud, Lausanne
on Saturday, December 5, 2015
image © we find wildness

more images of this exhibition are available via the we find wildness instagram