one pic wednesday. Nairy Baghramian

The distrust of abstractions (…) finds expression in a widespread reduction of cultural ideas and activities to psychobiography. We are invited to see the ‘inner life’ of individuals as the most authentic level of reality.- Mark Fisher, Real Abstractions / The application of theory to the modern world, for Frieze Magazine, January 16, 2017

These photographs are primarily operative on the level of their content, which is less the subjects depicted or any psychology their bodies might convey but, rather, the gamut of technical tropes and possibilities within studio photography today. And it is through this seeming evacuation of conventional content via formal manipulation, that these shots shed light on our current relation to the world of images. – ILYA LIPKIN on the Photographic Real, 30 January 2017, Texte Zur Kunst

Andrea Fraser

Ian Wilson. The Discussions

Ajay Kurian. The Ballet of White Victimhood: On Jordan Wolfson, Petroushka, and Donald Trump

Trevor Paglen. Invisible Images (Your Pictures Are Looking at You)

Paul Taylor, Richard Prince, Sherrie Levine

Martha Rosler

Julius von Bismarck. Two Donkeys

wfw weekend #346

wfw weekend #334

wfw weekend #331

Josef Strau. The Non-productive Attitude

Barbara Casavecchia. Hiding in Plain Sight