Domenico de Chirico for We Find Wildness #83

Monia Ben Hamouda. Macelleria Antonio Miranda, Milan

wfw weekend #389

wfw weekend #388

Look, all this is fraud at Milieu, Bern

one pic tuesday. David Diao

wfw weekend #387

wfw weekend #386

Violet Dennison. Transcend

wfw weekend #385

wfw weekend #384

Domenico de Chirico for We Find Wildness #82

Repetition in choreography is a useful procedure that brings out the materiality of what might often be considered as immaterial. By experiencing something again and again and again you go through waves of proximity, observation of detail, boredom and desire. When a structure becomes very apparent, you begin to see the way the performer is navigating and engaging with that structure. The split between the performer and what they are doing, between the dancer and the dance becomes more apparent. The opposite is also true, there is an impossibility because these two elements can never be split. – ALEX BACZYNSKI-JENKINS in conversation with ELLEN GREIG, Chisenhale Gallery London, January 2017

one pic wednesday. Robert Grosvenor

wfw weekend #383