It is not impossible, it is even probable that I shall be able to summarize all the projects I shall ever carry out in my life under one title, which would be: “We Walk On The Planet Earth”.- stanley brouwn, A Step (1970)

Catherine Czudej. Ball Polisher

wfw weekend #404

Davide Stucchi at Deborah Schamoni, München

David Claerbout in conversation with Chus Martínez at Schaulager, Basel, December 2015 –

one pic tuesday. Henrik Olesen

I saw him in belt and braces. He grabbed a woman by the throat. No that was a sculpture. The sculpture had a throat. And faces broken open. That was art. Where? At Leo’s. Leo who? Leo two. Or Three. – rumors and echos about Manicomio ! (2017) by Dora Budor

wfw weekend #403

one pic friday. Richard Tuttle

David Hanes. wfw aware #44

Remco Torenbosch. Integration

Christopher Williams on Post Studio and Michael Asher for ‘The Experimental Impulse’, September 28, 2011

wfw weekend #399

wfw weekend #398

wfw weekend #397