wfw weekend #393

wfw weekend #392

Antoine Renard & Libby Rothfeld. 1999

Irena Haiduk. Against Biography

wfw weekend #391

wfw weekend #390

Domenico de Chirico for We Find Wildness #83

#laterpost 1993. Olafur Eliasson

Monia Ben Hamouda. Macelleria Antonio Miranda, Milan

David Hanes. wfw aware #43

wfw weekend #389

wfw weekend #388

The Edmund Felson Gallery can be found in Berlin on Auguststr. 19/67 from March 1st – June 31st Opening hours Thursday 5 – 7pm, Saturday 3 – 5 pm

Look, all this is fraud at Milieu, Bern

Eric Troncy. Very Entertaining