Domenico de Chirico for We Find Wildness #83

#laterpost 1993. Olafur Eliasson

Monia Ben Hamouda. Macelleria Antonio Miranda, Milan

David Hanes. wfw aware #43

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The Edmund Felson Gallery can be found in Berlin on Auguststr. 19/67 from March 1st – June 31st Opening hours Thursday 5 – 7pm, Saturday 3 – 5 pm

Look, all this is fraud at Milieu, Bern

Eric Troncy. Very Entertaining

one pic tuesday. David Diao

David Hammons is on our mind.

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Arriving for the opening of ERIC WESLEY’s survey-scale exhibition at the Los Angeles gallery 356 S. Mission Rd. in January 2015, visitors encountered a new Nissan parked at a rakish angle in the back lot, with its front doors ajar and music blaring from its speakers. That this was an artwork would surely never have occurred to many of those in attendance had it not been for the checklist, where it was designated Infinity Project (Black), 2015, with materials given as “clear lacquer paint on Infiniti.” (…) As a found object that was in fact rented, the vehicle could also be seen as a monument to transience and ephemerality. After the close of the show, one had to imagine the automobile undergoing a further turn in this Duchampian game of contextual transposition, mingling inconspicuously with all the other non-art cars in the rental fleet upon return. Moreover, once replaced within its original context, WESLEY’s Infiniti can only be faced with steady depreciation, the fate of all uncollected cars. – JAN TUMLIR on ERIC WESLEY, Artforum February 2017

Violet Dennison. Transcend