Nicolas Deshayes


Browns In Full Colour, 2012
exhibition view at Jonathan Viner, London


Sebums (a,b,c,d), 2012
Annodised aluminium, vacuum-formed plastic


Soho Fats, 2012
polystyrene, aluminum, powdercoated steel and fixings, 240 x 122 x 12 cm
exhibition view at Jonathan Viner Gallery, London




Public Material, 2011
vacuum-formed plastic, public amenity panelling, alumium and neoprene foam

Stiff Peaks, 2009
Back to the Drawing Board (Stiff Peaks)
Vacuum formed plastic, stainless steel, rock salt and chopping boards


from Hotel Palenque (2012) at GalleriesGoldstein, London


Public Work 1, 2009
Stainless Steel and clear vinyl, 62 x 165 x 16 cm


Soleil Pourri, 2013
Hand blown glass, shellaced aluminum frame, 75 x 56 cm



Salts , 2012
vacuum formed plastic, powder coated aluminium, neoprene foam and machine screws, 100 x 70 x 20 cm
Vanille , exhibition view at Galerie Chez Valentin, Paris, January-March 2012

all images courtesy the artist and their respetive galleries

Born in France NICOLAS DESHAYES graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2009. Since then, he never ceases to explore the capacities of painting, playfully toying with the medium’s surface using selected materials – such as stainless steel and PVC – and industrial processes.

His practice occupies the liminal space between two-and-three dimensionality, between pictures and objects and convey a sophisticated research on minimalism encompassing elements drawn from the history of painting, as well as from visual culture at large.

I create hybrid sculptures that gather multiple familiar cultural and stylistic references in a way that leads to a strange sense of hyper-materiality.

And good news: NICOLAS DESHAYES‘ work can be seen in The Glass Show at Jonathan Viner in London until 16 February, 2013.

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