Aleksandra Domanovic

Portrait, 2011
50 x 70 cm, inkjet-print in frame

Six things you need to know about ALEKSANDRA DOMANOVIC;

  1. she is a Berlin-based artist
  2. who has been blogging along with OLIVER LARIC, CHRISTOPH PRIGLINGER and GEORG SCHNITZER on since 2006
  3. much of her art focuses on profound social and media-technological transformations, and their interdependence
  4. she uses material related to her life like the television, music, and monumental art of her home country Yugoslavia
  5. that she mixes with found materials from database of stock photography and international contemporary art production
  6. in the difference between these categories of sources, one finds the concern central to her work: individual subjectivity and how it is subsumed, erased, and distorted by attempts to attain universality

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