Thomas Koenig

THOMAS KOENIG in the streets of Lausanne, October 2011

at Le Cabanon, Espace d’art contemporain at the University of Lausanne
on view until 23 December, 2011
all images © WFW

Swiss artist THOMAS KOENIG just can’t stop making good stuff. In the last few months he had numerous group shows, produced – in collaboration with MARIE TAILLEFER – a video for Solange La Frange and more recently, he is having a solo show at Le Cabanon, a space dedicated to contemporary art at the University of Lausanne. This show – which combines drawings, sculptures and performances – aims to provide an insight into KOENIG eclectic body of work and the diverses processes of production, merging design and lifestyle with artistic identity.

If you take a browse through his portfolio you’re bound to find a wealth of gems in there. And there are two things that you need to know. One: the show will run through December 23rd and two: THOMAS will present his work Monday, October 17th 2011 and will perform along with JULIEN MEGROZ and CONSTANCE JAERMANN, Monday October 24th and November 5th. Wouldn’t miss it!

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