Natalie Rognsøy

all images and works © NATALIE ROGNSØY

Based in Oslo, Norwegian artist NATALIE ROGNSØY experiments and plays with the properties, versatility and aesthetic aspect of materials. The result is a series of objects, sculptural assemblages and other images which highlight the tactile, and draw playful equivalencies between the deliberate and the accidental, the found and the formed.

I select materials that interest me, it can be formal qualities like texture and color, or that they somehow can help me to manifest the expression that I want the piece to have. My studio is very small and I use it mostly for planning. I like to work directly were the pieces are supposed to be shown in to get a sense of the space and dimensions of the room – NATALIE ROGNSØY for Little Paper Planes blog

In spite of the fact that she is freshly graduated from the MFAPS ( Malmøgata Fine Arts Project Space) in Oslo, she has also been a part of exhibitions in Bodega in Philadelphia, Alessandro De March in Milan and Y3K in Melbourne all this year.

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