(Art) Basel diary #7

Art Unlimited. Tuesday 14 June, 2011
woman watching the video “Points on a Line” by SARAH MORRIS, 2010
image © WFW

SARAH MORRIS filmed the Farnsworth House in Plano (Illinois) by MIES VAN DER ROHE and the Glass House in New Canaan (Connecticut) by PHILIP JOHNSON over the course of several months. Points on a Line documents a shared desire to build structures that might change the way we think about a house, a form and a context. These two buildings were the result of shared ideas and collective desire.

Obtaining complete unrestricted access for each location of the film, MORRIS has woven together art, architecture and corporate image production with flowers, the behavior of bees and the patterns of butterflies – window washing, cooking, power-broking and collecting: the whole accompanied by LIAM GILLICK’s soundtrack.

This video is definitely a must see during Art Unlimited!

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