(Art) Basel diary #14

Messeplatz. Friday 16 June, 2011
butoh* dancer and performer FLAVIA GHISALBERTI
images © WFW

FLAVIA GHISALBERTI is part of the dance company In Between Butoh,  created in 2003 around the dance project “Something in between”, reflections about the socialization of madness and the memories of places which accompanies it, conditions it or treats it.

*Butoh (舞踏, Butō?) is the collective name for a diverse range of activities, techniques and motivations for dance, performance, or movement inspired by the Ankoku-Butoh (暗黒舞踏, ankoku butō?) movement. It typically involves playful and grotesque imagery, taboo topics, extreme or absurd environments, and is traditionally performed in white body makeup with slow hyper-controlled motion, with or without an audience. There is no set style, and it may be purely conceptual with no movement at all. – source: Wikipedia

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  1. i don t find the adress of the fotogapher anymore. i wanted to inform her that i used the picture above as a flyer for a butohworkshop. thanxFlavia