(Art) Basel diary #13

Dock: Basel. Thursday 16 June, 2011
shoe cream und pigment, about 160 x 180 cm
image © WFW

For the Artists’ Window project at dock:, SCHIRIN KRETSCHMANN has created in-situ Polish: a black monochrome made of shoe cream and pigment.

Driven by an interest to understand space, to investigate forms of spatial appropriation and to make perceptible spatial-temporal dimensions of the human perception, SCHIRIN KRETSCHMANN bases her work on subtle transformation: a recurring theme in her work is the liquefaction of solid aggregations and their traces. Settings of color produce temporal three-dimensional images that transform or dissolve through their inherent order, mediality or materiality. Color has the function to create density and make perceptible the flow of time.

Polish is on view until 17 July, 2011 (but may disappear in the meantime)

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