Studio Reizundrisiko for WFW



The first big thing for February 2011 is the fact that WE FIND WILDNESS has a new logo!

Of course I couldn’t do it myself. But fortunately SAMUEL BÄNZIGER from STUDIO REIZUNDRISIKO, a Swiss graphic design studio, contacted me a few days ago to propose me a new logo.

Through a collection of posters, self-initiated magazines, developed type faces and experimental art direction, STUDIO REIZUNDRISIKO seeks to create radical graphic design and to explore the boundaries of this medium. For sure, a fresh mind! Make sure to check out his projects which include, a captivating website that features cute girls and books!

For WFW, he has created a system of logos. Every month the symbol at the left corner of your screen will be a new one but always based on the typography of these three letters: W, F, W. Additionally he also created this short video. Raw, experimental and loud, enjoy!

Big up to SAMUEL!


Note to the people who only read the feed: you’ll have to drop by to see the logo.



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  1. non de non Soso !!!

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