Simon Berg

APAN ÄR RÄDD. 240 x 160 mm. 42 pages, 42 pictures. Edition of 500 copies. ISBN 978-91-978317-1-0

SIMON BERG is a student at the School of Photograpy at Gothenburg University since 2007. But he has already self-published a book “APAN ÄR RÄDD”: an intense portrayal of a seemingly meaningless everyday life.

Lush, deep colours and interesting close-ups make these forty pages simply delicious. Yum!

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2 commentaires pour “Simon Berg”

  1. Ah, a friend of mine. Very talented!
    XX JL

  2. oh really? you can tell him that yeah, he is very talented and we love him, here on WFW ;-) thanks for your comment…kiss kiss kiss