Zachari Logan

Urinal. graphite on paper. 2008

ZACHARI LOGAN is a Canadian artist, who recently finished his Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Saskatchewan (Canada). His particularty is that he paints and draws his own body as subject questioning notions of masculine representation.

My body is a catalyst for my fascination with stereotypic masculine portrayals. The act of weightlifting, attaining a well-sculpted body is envisioned stereotypically as a visual mark of masculine enterprise, an act I partake in on a daily basis. Without needing to see me engaged in the act itself, my drawn body infers a performative athleticism. This athleticism coupled with the theatricality of a doppelganger or triplet existing on the same stage is designed to subtly evoke feelings of competition, fear and omnipotence- all in relation to performance anxiety. Although in most of these drawings I depict my body in a life-sized scale, the pictorial space in these drawings is quite shallow, with enough room for the figures to exist and interact. This lack of spatial depth is referential to Neo-Classical space, in which Spartan bodies were used to visually epitomize the strength of empire. The containment of space in these drawings is structured to illustrate a sense of claustrophobia and is directly referential to the viewer’s own body. This is a space that is in-between or marginal, a visual realm that is too small to exist within comfortably — but is considerable enough to contemplate being in.”


ZACHARI LOGAN is represented by CRAIG SCOTT GALLERY in Toronto, Canada

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