Schilte & Portielje

Amsterdam’s Kahmann Gallery presents the work of Dutch couple SCHILTE  & PORTIELJE who create a surrealist world inhabited by solitary, mysterious and audacious figures.

JACQUELINE PORTIELJE, who studied painting, and HUUB SCHILTE, an architect by training, met in 1975 and have inspired each other ever since. They started to collaborate under the name SCHILTE  & PORTIELJE in 1997, three years after they had started to explore computers as a resource for artistic expression.

The results are digital collages starting with a selection of scraps from a large image bank. During the process of drawing, painting, of adding and subtracting, new possibilities and ideas are generated. Still, the work is mainly based on the intuitive qualities the two artists have honed over the years. There are no rules.

Located in the area of tension between photography, drawing and painting, the figures play the lead role in the duo’s photographic works: they are characterised by the mystery that surrounds them; a sort of impenetrability, elegance and power.

“Transverse” at Kahmann Gallery in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) is on view until Saturday, 1 May, 2010

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