Crac Alsace. Passage à Faune

by BERTILLE BAK. Suspicion de Rébellion. 2009. courtesy of the artist

by BERTILLE BAK. Petite scène de la révolte routinière. 2009. courtesy of the artist

by DAMIEN CADIO. Diem Hadas Suns. 2006. oil on canvas. 40 x 50 cm

by DAMIEN CADIO. Remo. 2007. oil on canvas. 24 x 30 cm

by BERTILLE BAK. 2008 from the Radeau de la Méduse. 130 x 190cm. collection Frey

Yesterday I spent my afternoon at CRAC for an exhibiton entitled Passage à Faune at CRAC ALSACE. What a programme!

First, you MUST go to CRAC ALSACE because: it’s a nice place (housed in the old school buildings of a lycée). It’s well situated, just a few kilometres from Switzerland and Germany and
it’s a place of research and experimentation whose principal aim is to allow the discovery of contemporary art to the widest possible audience

Now the exhibiton: Passage à Faune presents the work of BERTILLE BAK and DAMIEN CADIO, two french artists working and living in Berlin. Their work is very different: BAK makes films, draws and creates installations, while CADIO is primarily a painter.

BERTILLE BAK finds her subject matter in raw reality. DAMIEN CADIO‘s canvases are taken from pre-existing images (found photographs, films, paintings). Both artists reuse these materials borrowed more or less directly from reality to build or generate fictions. They also have in common a recourse to humour that counterbalances the harshness of the world.

The exhibition traces a path between the two bodies of work, with each alternating from one rome to the next, the corridors are used as meeting points: wildlife crossings lending themselves to interchange and continuity between different milieux and different oeuvres.

Passage à Faune until January 1, 2010 at CRAC ALSACE

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